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Death Stalks the Runway: Ray Irish Case File #1

The first gritty tale from Ray Irish Sitting at a bar drinking whiskey with an old friend, Ray Irish noticed a photographer coming to their table. Bucky had a knack for trouble but Irish had no clue that his next few days would be wrapped up in a tale of pretty models, racketeers, and cold-blooded murder.

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Reaper Walks the Garden: Ray Irish Case File #2

A hard-boiled tale of debauchery and murder among the rich. A vacation as the guest among the upper crust of Colonial Beach society gave Ray Irish a reason to see an old flame. However, he didn't count on helping the police to solve a murder while trying to keep himself from becoming the next victim.

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Clovel Sword Saga Volume 1 and 2

The early adventures about Urith of Esterblud focus on his unsettled past as a mercenary fighter and treasure seeker. Set in the time before the Clovel Sword Chronicles, where the turmoil of dark overlords brings a warrior who seeks vengeance at the tip of a spear or the edge of a sword. Volume 1 begins with the loss and heartbreak that shapes Urith’s future. Recently scarred in battle, Urith tries to adjust to the death of his father when his world collapses in disaster and heartbreak. Volume 2 finds Urith working on releasing the spirits of his loved ones from the clutches of a vengeful underworld god. Bitterness fills him, and he seeks retribution for his loss.

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