Comics and Graphic Novels

Creepsi Twisted Tales brings back horror anthology comics in a monthly series of new shorts combined with ongoing storylines to entertain a new generation of reading fans.

Battered Soul is a graphic novel based upon the Clovel Sword Sagas. This 52-page full color dark fantasy graphic novel is based upon the Clovel Sword Saga Volume 1. Set in a land of political turmoil and great adventure, Kamin is an exotic world of unusual creatures and mystic spirits. It is a violent land where people battle monsters when they do not fight among themselves. Our story centers around a young warrior named Urith of Esterblud who commands a growing reputation of fierce, and reckless, courage.

COMING SOON - Heroic Age of Rogues and Villains
combines sword and sorcery fantasy within a world of Lovecraftian gods before the ice sheets swept over Antarctica continent.